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The notion of “YI HUĀ | 一花” comes from the Avataṃsaka Sūtra, “一花一世界”, which  translated to “One flower, one world”. The Sūtra invites people to discover the mystery of the universe through an ordinary flower, and to see three thousand big worlds through a grain of sand. Here, we invite you to

see the “big” from the “small”,

and to discover the beauty of

life through the joinery of

a flower.


              “YI HUĀ | 一花” is the Chinese pronunciation and the character of “a flower”. This interactive projection mapping installation expressing a poetic view of finding beauty within the transience and imperfection of life and the ever-going life cycle of all living creatures through a metaphoric ordinary flower. It aims to spark new conversations surrounding the social standard of beauty and perfection. Our project invites people to discover the beauty within the typically unflattering topics such as life, aging, imperfection, and death through an optimistic perspective and take it one step forward to inspire the audience to appreciate and cherish every aspect of their lives.


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