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Project Details

Three progressive worlds:

“YI HUĀ | 一花” is an immersive experience with three worlds layered on top of each other through technology, depicting the message of “nothing lasts, nothing is perfect and nothing is finished”. It proceeds with a rhythm that builds up, provokes thinking, and fosters a new possibility of outcomes as the three layers are viewed independently, collectively, or grouped creatively. Through layering, we strive to create a conversation between the installation and the viewer that is both vertical and horizontal.

"Nothing lasts"

The first world would be the physical installation, documenting every single moment of the flower’s life journey. While the installation is static, yet in reality, “nothing lasts”. 


"Nothing is perfect"

The second world would be layered through projection mapping, and now with the installation as its canvas. Not only does it clarify for those who failed to understand the form of the installation, but also demonstrates the idea of “nothing is perfect” by showing the accelerated process of a lively blooming flower inevitably falling into pieces, and finally disappearing in the darkness. 


"Nothing is finished"

Then with a flower interface appearing, the third world reveals. By touching the flower interface, the viewer will be able to interact with the projection mapping and create a connection between themselves and the flower installation, illustrating the idea that the end can be perceived as the beginning of another journey, and we are all part of this beautiful cycle of life.

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